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"Taekwon-Do has taught me to be more focused, confident and make goals for myself. Grand Master C pushes you to do more than you think you can do. He is tough but he's also a lot of fun!"

Humza Thakor- Red Belt


Asfia Khan- Yellow Stripe

"Master Creighton is an instructor who is dedicated and passionate about taekwondo. He strives to push his students to achieve excellence and teaches discipline, confidence and respect. My whole family loves the close knit atmosphere of the center"


"Master Creighton is an instructor who is dedicated and passionate about Taekwon-Do. He strives to push his students to achieve excellence and teaches discipline, confidence and respect"

Waheed Khan- Black Belt 1st degree


Sharon Rampatie

"I have being attending Creighton's gym since May 2018. It was one of the best decisions I made for myself and health. I do the weight training and boxing classes and have had amazing success. The results with weight loss and now able to live a healthier life style. Master Creighton's techniques of teaching is equipped with extensive knowledge for workouts and life lessons"


Junius Frazer

"I moved from Ottawa to Toronto in the late 1980's. My son Kelly Frazer was about 7 years old when he was excited about teenage mutant ninjas. He wanted to practice martial arts. I was also interested having practised martial arts before. So I went around Toronto searching different schools but was not happy with what I saw. At my work one of my colleagues told me about Creighton's taekwondo so I went there. I observed grandmasters' Creighton's techniques and was amazed. I joined with my son in 1990. And has been there ever since. I honestly believe if I wasn't practicing at Creighton's taekwondo I wouldn't be alive today. It has impacted my health and way of life in a wondrous way" 


Indira Rampatie

"Joining Creighton's Taekwondo was the best decision I made relating to my health. I am 56 years old and joined 4 years ago I had previously joined other fitness centres without much results.  Grand Master Creighton is not only a trainer but a life coach as well.  He is always giving us advice to enhance all aspects of life.  Master Creighton keeps track of our progress. I joined this club just wanting to keep fit. But the benefits were far greater. I went down 2 dress sizes. I became stronger mentally and physically.  My vertigo went away.  I remember going to Costco and picking up a 48 pack of bottled water and putting it into my cart without thinking about it.  Grand Master Creighton cares about our progress and motivates us to change on a constant basis"


Ayden Rampatie

"Master Creighton's exercising program helped me physically and mentally. I started in September 2020, and the first week of being there gave me great results. It taught me how to concentrate and help improvise new workout routines at home. Apart from that, it's beneficial for me when I play outdoor activities like basketball or football, because I can use those workouts for my warm up. In summary, this is how the program helped me improve myself"


Farzana Zafar - Yellow Stripe

"Master Creighton wisdom, knowledge and experience the first things you realize when you train with him. When I joined I had a lot of back aches and pains. Now stronger then ever, I do not have any back aches at all, my core is stronger and I can lift weights without any trouble. Not only has Grand Master Creighton taught me perseverance, he has also taught me that I can be a student at any stage of my life. He motivates, and pushes you in each class and is an amazing life coach" 


There are no words for how immensely grateful i am for having Grand Master Creighton in my life. He taught me how to persevere, how to overcome fear, and doubt and to demand the best from myself. I am still remembering the life lessons he taught me years ago and applying them to my life today. His passion for Taekwon-Do is so motivating and inspiring that you can't help loving the results you get from him and this beautiful art. 

Shahid Zafar - 1st Degree Black Belt



Tina Majeed - Black Belt 4th Degree


"While growing up, Taekwon-Do was an integral part of my life. Not only did I learn how to defend myself as a woman, it opened doors to travel to different countries and participate in the Canadian Women's National Team. Grand Master Creighton deserves the credit for these experiences.  Without him, I would not be the person I am today. He taught me, like all of his students, how to reach my full potential both inside and outside the gym. I am forever grateful to Grand Master Creighton and the art of Taekwon-Do"


Zahid Khan -Red Strip

I know what I love most about Grand Master Creighton is that he makes you think critically. He encourages you to be the best. Once you believe in yourself he than pushes you to get there. his goal is to get you there even when you feel like quitting, cause at the end of the day 100% of everything you gain is yours. Confidence is overcoming any of life's challenge's, now and in the future. 

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