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Creighton's Taekwon-Do was founded in 1988 by Grand Master S. Creighton, 9th Degree Black Belt.  

He is constantly working at developing programs that will help his students achieve their highest levels of success.

G.M. Creighton teaches ITF, Olympic Style Taekwon-Do, Muay Thai, self-defense, boxing, Aeroba-tae (cardio kick-boxing) and weight training classes.


His Martial Arts and fitness programs are an excellent way to contribute towards your overall health and wellness. They are the best way to help individuals of all ages achieve their highest  physical and mental goals.


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A message from the Grand Master

Dear Students and Parents,

Sparring is an essential part of Tae Kwon-Do, therefore starting March 2022, we will be re-introducing the sparring component in our Tae Kwon-Do Class. This is an exciting and enjoyable aspect of Tae Kwon-Do. The experience of testing one's skill against another opponent of similar ability is invaluable. Our primary objective is to teach the fundamentals of one on one combat in  a fun and safe environment.


Therefore, students are required to wear protective gear. This is mandatory in order to ensure their own safety and the safety of all our students.  

Your cost of sparring gear: Adults $230 and Children $210. Each student will be sized accurately and will receive the following:

  • Safety Headgear

  • Sparring Gloves

  • Sparring Boots

  • Mouth Guard

Additional protective equipment such as athletic support cups (mandatory for males 13 years of age and up) shin guards, and chest protection is not mandatory but available for purchase should you require them. 

Grand Master Creighton

9th Dan

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Get in Touch

850 Tapscott Rd Unit # 7

Scarborough, Ontario M1X 1N4

(416) 409-4327

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